General conditions of sale

Terms and conditions
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Article 1 - Application of conditions.

These conditions of sale are concluded on the one hand by the company Fleuriot Flowers whose head office is in Geneva 26 rue de la Corraterie and on the other hand, by any natural or legal person wishing to make a purchase via our website:

The present conditions of sale aim at defining the contractual relations between Fleuriot and the purchaser as well as all the conditions applicable to any purchase made by means of the Fleuriot commercial site, that the purchaser is professional or private.

The acquisition of a good or a service through the present site implies an acceptance without reserve by the purchaser of these conditions of sale.

These conditions of sale will prevail over all other general or special conditions not expressly approved by Fleuriot.

Fleuriot reserves the right to modify its terms and conditions at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the date of the order by the buyer.

Article 2 - Products and services.


The products and services offered are those listed in the offer presented in the online store Fleuriot.

The images and descriptions are indicative and informative. The goal is to show the buyer examples of the general appearance, mood and harmony of colors, whether for bouquets, arrangements, plants, flowers or other confections floral. The customer chooses a product that corresponds as closely as possible to his wishes.

The choice of flowers presented is not necessarily available throughout the year. As a result, Fleuriot reserves the right and the freedom to modify the floral composition, according to its arrivals. Our florists will respect the closest to the image chosen by the buyer.

We consider that our customers are in agreement with this way of doing things, we can not accept complaints concerning the modification of the choice of flowers or that of a slight aesthetic change of the composition.

If we can not define a similar product, given the availability of the moment, we will contact the customer by e-mail or by phone to propose an alternative. If we are unable to reach him, we put the order on hold. No news from the customer within 30 days, we cancel the order.

No additional fees will be charged.

In the case of specific needs or special wishes, we recommend placing the order 3 to 4 days before delivery, so that we can stock up to achieve your floral message.

The bouquets ordered from Fleuriot are exclusive creations, they are made by highly qualified florists, who assure you of a very great creativity.

Our assortment is reviewed regularly, according to seasons, trends and or events.

All our services are first quality and fresh. We make daily purchases, both at home and around the world.

Article 3 - Prices


The price, which we indicate on our online shop, varies according to the seasons, the market and the currency rate.

The exchange rate used is the current rate at the time of payment via "Saferpay".

The prices appearing in the site are prices without tax (H.T.), expressed in CHF.

The rate of VAT applied is that in force in Switzerland on the day of the order.

To date we have two rates in force, bouquets, roses and mourning are taxed at 2.5%. Arrangements, vases and miscellaneous materials at 7.7%

In the case of T.V.A., delivery charges are linked to the product ordered.

Any change in the ATV rate will be updated.

Shipments destined abroad through our partners will not be taxed.

We offer the possibility to choose and display prices in Swiss francs (CHF), Euro (€) and US dollars ($) via our currency converter.

Fleuriot reserves the right to modify its prices, provided however that the price listed in the catalog on the day of the order will be the only one applicable.

For "Elsewhere in Switzerland" services, we charge between 15.- and 20.-CHF, which will cover transmission and delivery costs. For shipments destined for foreign countries, the minimum prices are variables according to products and countries of destination. The charges for this type of shipment are between 19.- and 24.-CHF.

Article 4 - Orders.


The buyer who wants to buy a product or a service must:

indicate the desired quantity and an amount at least equal to the minimum amount,
define the delivery date and at least sign the message to avoid being questioned by the recipient,
choose the place of delivery, with the identity of the recipient,
minimum data for the principal, e-mail and telephone number in case of difficulties to execute the order,
validate your order after checking it,
to make the payment with the options offered,

It is also possible to give references to his credit card over the phone.

The confirmation of the order entails the acceptance of the present conditions of sale, the acknowledgment of having perfect knowledge of it and the renunciation to invoke its own conditions of purchase or other conditions.

Confirmation will be worth signing and acceptance of transactions.

A check is made for all orders. These can be the subject of a request for additional information. In this case the order may be suspended.

Acknowledgment of receipt

For each order, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to you as soon as possible by e-mail within the opening hours of our main store. It will include the number of your order as well as the detailed information on the item (s) purchased, the purchase price, the delivery date, as well as the address of the sender and the recipient.

If no confirmation of your order reaches you, please contact our Customer Service +41 (0) 22 3103655 directly.

Cancellation and right of revocation of the order

Any order can be canceled up to 48 hours before the desired delivery date. It is therefore imperative to indicate the number of the order concerned.

Beyond this period, an order cancellation can only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. We do not automatically guarantee the full refund of the order.

Any cancellation of order must be sent to us by e-mail or by phone at + 41 22 3103655 (sales department) during the opening hours of the main store.

Archiving - Proof

Fleuriot will archive the purchase orders and the invoices on a reliable and durable support constituting a faithful copy in accordance with the provisions in force. The computerized records of Fleuriot will be considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.

Article 5 - Payment

Payment terms

The price is due when ordering in the selected currency, CHF, € or $.

Payments will be made by debiting credit cards; they will be realized through the secure system "Saferpay" which uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that the information transmitted is encrypted by a software and that no third party can take note of it during the transport on the network.

Article 6 - Deliveries to Geneva and surroundings.


Deliveries are made to the address indicated in the order form.

Delivery is made during tours.

In case of absence of the recipient our deliveryman leaves a notice of passage. He then tries to reach him on the phone. If we find it impossible for us to deliver the flowers on the expected day, we inform you by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible.

Regarding wedding ceremonies and burials, we undertake to respect the customer's data, place and time of the event.

For special orders, please note your wishes in remarks and contact the main store at + 41 22 3103655 (sales department).

Geographical area

Main Store: FLEURIOT at 26 Corraterie 1204 Geneva,

Fleuriot shops: Gare Cornavin-face at SBB counters / Geneva International Airport-arrival level / O'Vives-Gare des Eaux-Vives

Geneva and around:

You will find the places served by Fleuriot Fleurs in the details of our delivery costs. If the delivery costs are too important compared to your order, we will contact you to agree what needs to be done.

Deliveries are made by ourselves. We guarantee the respect of the delivery date. Our delivery service respects your requests with the greatest care, except in case of force majeure. We are sometimes hampered by traffic issues.

In case of false or incomplete address, we try to find the right address. Otherwise we will contact you by email or phone and leave the delivery on hold. We reserve the right to charge the delivery fee twice if we have to return due to an error on your part.

Elsewhere in Switzerland:

We send your order to a quality affiliated florist, near the place of delivery. We give him the instructions according to your choice. The flowers, bouquets, arrangements or compositions delivered will not however be identical to ours. Indeed, each florist has a personalized style, he creates according to the choice of flowers at his disposal.

Abroad, in a foreign country

We can receive your orders for overseas. On receipt, we will tell you in return when the price does not reach the minimum or we miss essential information, this depending on opening hours, as well as holidays in force in each country. We must take into account time differences, we ask between 24 and 48 hours to make a delivery abroad.Florists affiliated in each country have their own styles. We can assure you a quality service, but different from that practiced by Fleuriot

Delivery schedule

Throughout the year, 7/7 except:

Sunday and holidays: between 8h and 13h

On the occasion of Mother's Day, our delivery services work all day

during the Christmas period, we provide a normal service

Article 7 - Accuracy of the data.

Accuracy of the delivery address

Please ensure that the delivery address and local phone number on your order are correct and complete. We assume no responsibility for any delay or non-delivery resulting from an incorrect or incomplete address.

So that your order can be processed as soon as possible, the following information can also be useful:

in the case of deliveries to hospitals, the mention of the service and the room number may be useful. We only guarantee deliveries until receipt of the hospital or clinic.

In the case of deliveries to hotels, we recommend that you indicate the number of the room, as well as the name under which the recipient was registered at the reception (couple, group, etc.). We only guarantee deliveries until the reception of the hotel.

Article 8 - Claims / Litigation.

For orders executed and delivered directly by Fleuriot, in the sector Geneva and surroundings, if the quality of the service should not give complete satisfaction, please kindly inform us of your complaint through our e-mail : no later than 3 days after the delivery date.

We will not fail to contact you as soon as possible.

For orders <Elsewhere in Switzerland or abroad>, please send us your complaints with a photo in support, by e-mail: at the latest within the deadline 3 days after the delivery date, we will forward the complaint to our affiliate partner. The answer should reach us within 15 days, we will not fail to contact you.

In any case, it is strongly recommended to the customer to provide us a photo and this in the shortest possible time.

Article 9 - Sales Service.

Online orders are centralized at the Corraterie store:

Monday-Friday: 07: 30-18: 45h. and Saturday 08: 00-17: 00h (store opening hours)

For any information concerning your order, our services are at your disposal by E-mail: info@fleuriot.chor + 41 22 3103655

Article 10 - Confidentiality.

Personal data

In accordance with the law relating to computers, files and freedoms, the information of a personal nature relating to buyers may be the subject of an automated processing. Under no circumstances do we give your information to third parties and use it only for the execution of your order. We do not use your information for sending advertising from other companies. With your consent, we reserve the right to send you a newsletter or information about the evolution of our online store, and the activities of our company. At any time you have the option to delete the sending of our newsletters by a request for unsubscription which is at the bottom of the newsletter.

You also have the option to delete your privilege account by notice to our sales department. If you forget your password, our server will automatically send you another one. Following your request via our website, Fleuriot Fleurs does not have access to this data, the identifiers and passwords are known only to clients.

It goes without saying that all the data used to execute your order remain confidential and are in no way transmitted to third parties.

Article 11 - Security and Data Protection

Data protection

For Fleuriot, the integrity of your private sphere is a top priority. We are committed to ensuring data protection and maximum security. only uses your data for the purpose of processing your orders. Your e-mail address and your personal data are treated confidentially and are not passed on to third parties.

The passwords are verified by the system in accordance with your username and email address, you only get a connection if they are matched. Your credit card details are secured by <Saferpay> (see art 5)

At the end of the ordering process, these data are directly transmitted by a coded circuit to the credit card office and validated at Fleuriot.

Article 12 - Intellectual property.

All elements of the site are and remain the exclusive and intellectual property of Fleuriot Fleurs SA. Nobody is allowed to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or even use for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site that are software, visual or sound. Any simple link or hypertext is strictly prohibited without a express written agreement of the direction of Fleuriot Fleurs.

Article 13 - Legal basis.

We respect the Swiss legislation and apply it in the exploitation of our company.

The place of jurisdiction is in Geneva.

Geneva on March 15th, 2016


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