Datenschutzvorschriften (EN)

Information on data protection

Fleuriot Fleurs SA is bound by a duty to reserve towards third parties - other than those necessary for the execution of orders - to respect the confidentiality of information relating to the realization of an order or a floral transmission to a partner (messages, personal details, banking data) or any other element to identify the ordering customer or consignee.

1 - Identity of the controller:

Personal data are collected by Fleuriot Fleurs SA, 26 Rue de la Corraterie – 1204 Geneva. For the providing of services, the ordering customer shall supply Fleuriot Fleurs SA with the contact details, including telephone, of the recipient of its purchase for the purpose of ensuring the delivery of its order to the latter and to provide him with advice and information about it and about the services and offers of Fleuriot Fleurs SA.

In this case, and by way of derogation from the foregoing, the client acts as the holder and responsible for the processing of the recipient’s contact information. The customer is solely responsible for providing the recipient’s personal details to Fleuriot Fleurs SA for the execution of the order. The customer undertakes to have obtained the explicit and informed consent of the holders of the contact details that he provides to Fleuriot Fleurs SA and guarantees Fleuriot Fleurs SA against any claim of the latter on this basis. Fleuriot Fleurs SA acts only on the will and on behalf of the ordering customer as a service provider handling the orders placed by the customer.

Consequently, the ordering customer releases Fleuriot Fleurs SA from all liability in case of violation of the obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the collection and communication to Fleuriot Fleurs SA of the recipient’s contact information for sending messages to the recipient.

2 - Purpose - Use of data:

The data collected are: surname, first name, email address, telephone number, order history, floral preferences, complaints, as well as the recipient’s surname, first name, postal address and telephone number. They are used for the following purposes:

Order management: Customer information and data are collected as part of an order or floral transmission, and are necessary for order management, and commercial relations.

Personalization of our services: The information and customer information also enable Fleuriot Fleurs SA to improve the services we offer on our website and in all our services, particularly at the level of follow-up..

Information and Fleuriot Fleurs SA: At any time, the customer can contact the main store, simply click on the link integrated at the bottom of the newsletter or contact the main store

Games and raffles: Fleuriot Fleurs SA offers its customers games and raffles allowing them to win various prizes. These games and tombolas are not linked to a purchase obligation. Fleuriot Fleurs SA keeps only the names, first names and email addresses of the participants. It is also possible to withdraw from this list by contacting the main store

After unsubscribing, your email address will be immediately deleted from the subject matter, unless you have expressly consented to further use of your data.

Fleuriot Fleurs SA, through its online shop, is committed to the following data protection provisions. From the moment sensitive data is collected on customers (name, address, payment information):

Personal data should only be processed for the purpose indicated at the time of collection.

Such information may not be communicated outside Swiss borders, unless legal exceptions are observed.

Personal data must be protected against unauthorized processing by appropriate technical and organisational measures.

The website of Fleuriot Fleurs SA does not use cookies. To protect your data, is a secure connection (https://). Payments on our website are collected and processed via Saferpay, a secure payment platform. When you use our website for information purposes (without registering, without providing information), we only collect the following data:

our visited web page

date and time at the time of access

quantity of data sent

source/reference where the customer arrived on the page operating system

browser used

The processing is intended to improve the functionality of our website, so the data will not be used in any other way. Fleuriot Fleurs SA reserves the right to use these data, the electronic or telephone contact details of customers for the sending of commercial information intended to promote its services, excluding any other use of direct prospecting on behalf of third parties.

3 – Duration of data retention:

Fleuriot Fleurs SA undertakes to keep your personal data for a period not exceeding that necessary for the purpose for which they are processed. The retention period of personal data is determined by the legal retention period (commercial and tax retention period).

4 – Recipient of the data:

Fleuriot Fleurs SA only communicates the personal data of its customers and the personal data provided by them to Fleuriot Fleurs SA on the occasion of their order to authorised and determined third parties. The recipients of this personal data include:

Fleuriot Fleurs SA stores:

Corraterie, 26 Rue de la Corraterie, 1204 Geneva

Airport, 25 Route de l'aéroport, 1218 Grand-Saconnex

Railway station, Cornavin station, 1201 Geneva

O'Vives, Gare des Eaux-Vives, 1207 Geneva

The possible partners of confidence at the occasion of floral transmission

The possible co-contractors

Fleuriot Fleurs SA requires from its subsidiaries, any co-contractors, any partners, that they undertake to take all necessary precautions, in view of the nature of the data and the risks presented by this processing, to preserve the security of the data, and in particular to prevent its use by unauthorized third parties.

5 - Exercise of rights:

Each customer has the right to information, opposition, access, rectification, limitation and deletion of his personal data, upon simple request by writing Fleuriot Fleurs SA, 26 Rue de la Corraterie, 1204 Geneva. He must accompany his request with the necessary elements for his identification (name, first name, email) as well as any other information necessary to confirm his identity. In accordance with the regulations in force, his application must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing his signature and specify the address to which the reply must be sent.

A reply will then be sent to the client as soon as possible after receipt of the request. Persons whose personal data is processed during an order placed by the customer may exercise their rights with Fleuriot Fleurs SA. In addition, if the customer no longer wishes to receive the newsletter, newsletter or game/raffle proposal, he can click on the unsubscribe link present at the bottom of each communication


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